The Happyness Festival comes to Goa!


All set to begin on March 7 in Baga, the fest will include cool activities like Venus Yoga, MaSalsa and HoliWood. NT BUZZ gets the scoop

If you’re happy and you know it, head over to Baga this weekend for what promises to be a fun-filled two days.

‘The Happyness Festival’ which will be held in Goa for the first time begins on March 7 at Banana Republic, Baga.  Earlier held in and around Mumbai, the festival is organised by the Happyness Factory, the brainchild of Yogesh Karikurve (aka Indieyogi), a corporate professional, who came to the realisation that professionals shoulder too much responsibility and rarely have the time to destress. This, he says, affects their motivation, health and productivity.

“Meeting just the same group of people or colleagues also restricts them from having new experiences and outlook. Besides, most of the activities are targeted to teenagers and millennials. So where do they go? What do they do?” says Mumbai- based Karikurve.

Having conducting salsa and Bollywood dancing workshops for more than two decades across 15 countries, he decided it was time to get more people onboard to try out new things and boost their creativity.

And this is what they do at the Happyness Factory, with their creative workshops targeting the mind, body and spirit. “After all, Happiness does come from within and is at its peak when you do something that you love,” says Karikurve.

The Happyness Festival thus has four modules. YO1 revolves around the concept that a healthy body inspires a healthy mind. Thus it concentrates on flexibility, strength, stamina and stability of the body by incorporating yoga, pilates, swiss ball, functional training, and thereby improving overall health, coordination and efficiency.

The second module is called Two Left Feet which gets you to explore different kinds of music based rhythmic activities like MaSalsa, Bollywood, Beledi and Zumba. KRi8 meanwhile is all about doodling, painting with different styles on various surfaces, waste-craft, baking and anything that brings out the creator in a person. This de-stresses, improves patience and focus and helps channelise emotions in a positive and productive manner.

The last module is iSync based on the principles of ancient yogic practices like yoga nidra, chakra healing and pranayama, and help in promoting inner peace, enhancing mental clarity and healing the energies within us thereby making us healthy, happy and vibrant.

The highlights of the festival are Venus Yoga (yoga exercises targeted to overcome the common issues faced by women), MaSalsa (Salsa with an Indian Tadka),  HoliWood (Dancing to Holi Bollywood songs with the unique style of Beledi- a combination of belly dancing and Indian dancing.

 “Our aim is to make art accessible to the common man, so that he can use it in daily life and keep his happiness hormones consistently high. So Don’t Hurry, Be Happy!” says Karikurve.

The festival is open to all and the theme is ‘Womaniya’ as it is Women’s Day on March 8.