Politics Of Hate And Delhi Violence



It is quite unfortunate that in Delhi violence, around 20 innocent people have lost their lives and over 200 are been reported injured and many houses and shops burnt. Without any shadow of doubt it seems that the whole violence was engineered in advance, as most of the rioters were said to have come from outside with arms and were not locals. The whole incident exposes the failure of government machinery in its inability to gather intelligence inputs of a possible eruption of violence. Here, several questions need to be raised. Firstly, why was not adequate security arrangement made in advance when already an atmosphere of mistrust was brewing prior to Delhi elections when some leaders and politicians from ruling dispensation were making irresponsible statements like “Goli maroh, desh ke gaddaroh koh” and other such statements to flare up communal tension? Secondly, why was not Army called immediately to take control of the situation? Or was it deliberately delayed so that the rioters could get free hand to unleash violence as was done in Gujarat 2002 riots? Ever since the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) has become an Act, the whole country is in turmoil and witnessing anti-CAA protests across the nation irrespective of religion for the simple reason that the Act is unconstitutional, as religion cannot be the basis for granting citizenship in a secular country like India. While anti-CAA protestors are exercising their democratic right to protest peacefully, attempts are being made to disturb the protests and suppress the dissent in every possible manner and by even resorting to low levels such as by calling the protestors anti-nationals and Bangladeshis. The question is, is this how democracy works, where voices of dissent are been suppressed? Why is the government hell-bent on its stand and not listening to the voices that are protesting to save the Constitution? What rationale is this that those who are protesting to save the Constitution are called anti-nationals and traitors while those who are going against the Constitution are calling themselves “patriots”? The simple way out to save the country from further turmoil is to grant citizenship to all irrespective of religion under CAA.