Say it with music


With an aim to blend the concepts of music and spirituality, Musicurry hosted the one-of-a-kind NivaanHandpan and World Music Festival. Nivaan, which means ‘holy’, is a festival that is held to experience the purity of the belief in music.

The three-day festival featured performances by renowned handpan and Indian classical artists, numerous workshops and wellness sessions. Guest of honour at the festival was Indian drummer and percussionist Sivamani.

Performances by international artistes such as Greg Ellis, Kabecao, Martin Dubois, Andrey Tanzu, Nadishana, Archer and Tripp and Jeremy Nattagh; and Indian maestros such as Ronu Majumdar, Nathulal Solanki, Ragini Shankar, Naveen Kumar, Giridhar Udupa, Anubrata Chatterji, Nandini and Ragini Shankar and Indian handpan players such as Jai Gosar, Samuel Murthy, Martin Marty, etc.

This music festival was attended by handpan enthusiasts as well as connoisseurs of music from across the globe who came to collectively witness the rich Indian culture as well as a unique blend of handpan, Indian classical music and folk tunes. “It has been a mesmerising experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better audience to grace the show. This event served as a platform to appreciate music from all over and bring world renowned artists under one roof,” said key organiser of the show, Dipak Thakkar.