Power dept equipping linesmen with safety gear, essential tools




Power Minister Nilesh Cabral announced the procurement of around 4,389 safety kits to be distributed to line staff working across the state. He also said a special policy is being prepared to ensure the use and replacement of tools.

At an event held at Vidyut Bhavan, Aquem, to distribute the kits, Cabral said a system based on reserved stock listing would ensure that the tools are replaced if broken.

“95 per cent of our staff is working by putting their lives at risk. We have procured the kits for our linesmen. These are the best quality tools and we are coming up with a policy that will ensure that the 8000 plus staff use the tools based on a replacement model. If anything is broken, it will be replaced on a reserved stock listing (RSL). A report of the broken items will have to be prepared and then the items replaced,” he said.

In Margao, kits containing safety helmet, safety harness, testers, screwdrivers, pliers and rubber gloves were distributed to linesmen with Cabral urging them to make good use of the tools.

The Minister said that a similar replacement model was also going to be put in place for the electricity department’s store division for tube lights and transformers which have in the past remained as unattended scrap.

Executive engineer Santosh Lolienkar, speaking at the event, said the department had earned a total of Rs 10 crore by auctioning scrap items that were lying unattended in the department’s store division.

Chief electrical engineer Raghuvir Keni said that training of staff members was also in the pipeline. “Staff members have to remain up to date with technology and for this we have decided to undertake staff training on a regular basis. New training programmes are being formulated for them,” he said.

On the streetlight policy, Cabral said that “we have held over 50 meetings with three companies that are involved with streetlights and we have decided to ‘short close’ the contract at a total cost of Rs 156 crore,” adding that, around 120 panchayats and municipalities have already submitted their approval to take over the maintenance of streetlights in their jurisdictions.