Soon, treatment mandatory for Mapusa bulk waste generators




Mapusa municipal council (MMC) has asked bulk generators of wet waste in its jurisdiction to start compositing such waste within 15 days. It has assured to provide assistance and training for compositing of wet waste.

It may be recalled that the MMC had issued a public notice to all the bulk waste generators to register with the municipality and to have a system in place to treat wet waste at the source.

Accordingly, those residential complex and government offices which generate over 100 kg of wet waste per day were served notices to have their wet waste composting unit in place to treat the waste. In Mapusa over 14 such complexes have been identified as bulk generators which includes Mapusa sub-yard market, District hospital at Peddem, Mapusa bus stand premises and others.

In this connection, a meeting of bulk generators was called which was presided over by chief officer Clen Madeira, along with senior project engineer, GSUDA Hussain Shah Mujawar, municipal engineer II Venkatesh Sawant, consultant Gaurav Pokle and others.

During the meeting, bulk generators were asked to have a system in place to start treating the wet waste at source. They were assured of assistance through GSUDA and even training.

MMC chief officer Clen Madeira said, “We have asked all bulk waste generators to start composting their wet waste with 15 days and assured to provide all assistance.”