CII-Goa seeks enhanced spending on girls’ education, extension of mining relief scheme




CII-Goa on Wednesday sought enhanced spending on research and pure sciences and women empowerment in its pre-budget memorandum submitted to the Chief Minister Pramod Sawant.

The pre-budget memorandum says, “Increase spending on girls’ education and skilling women instead of providing doles (like Ladli Laxmi.)”  The other recommendation of CII-Goa is extension in the mining debt relief scheme for struggling barge owners until the mining industry reopens in the state.

The barge sector must be provided relief on payment of barge tax on the same lines as the relief granted to truck and mining machinery operators, said the trade body. It also asked for assistance of around Rs 15 crore to co-operative banks to enable them to give discount of 30 per cent on the principal amount to mining borrowers on the same basis as given by nationalised banks.

“Since the stoppage of mining in October 2012, nationalised banks have waived off the interest on the loan amounts of barge owners and waived off 30 per cent of the principal amount whereas the cooperative banks do not have the powers to waive off unless the state government and RBI grant such permissions. If cooperative banks are given assistance they too will ease the barge owners of the 30 per cent on the principal amount,” pointed out CII in the pre-budget memo.

Other recommendations are for a maritime promotion board in the state which will boost intermodal transport, internal waterways for transportation, tourism and trade. The board must also facilitate and regulate water sports activities in the state, said the CII.

To make land available for warehouses in the state, the suggestion is for making changes in the Transfer and Sublease Regulations, 2018 of GIDC so that industrial units having plot area of up to 4,000 square metres can migrate to service units.

“A reasonable fee could be charged for such migration. This could kick-start the process of having some new warehousing properties to come into the market in a smooth manner,” said CII- Goa.

The pre-budget memorandum was presented to the Chief Minister by the governing body headed by Lalit Saraswat, chairman, CII- Goa.

Other recommendations to revive the state economy include, expediting VAT refunds, GST incentives for new projects started after January 2020, creation of a retail policy, impetus to non-conventional energy, ease of doing business, etc.