Mangal Analytics branches into IT consultancy


PANAJI: Goan financial advisory company Mangal Analytics and Research Consulting, on Monday, branched into IT consultancy with the launch of TechPally, a new venture aimed at providing customised software consultation to local units.

To mark the start of the new venture, the company launched a startup portal, as well as a blockchain lab. The portal has features like demand assessment of a product, do- it–yourself financial statements, basic business analysis tools and also an online module that enables a potential startup owner to determine whether he is ready to be an entrepreneur.

The Blockchain Lab is located in the company premises at Rua de Ourem,  and is to encourage local blockchain enthusiasts to work on test models of blockchain platforms. The lab is in association with Singapore based BlockchainWorkx.

Ashutosh Kharangate, managing director, Mangal Analytics, said that, the purpose of setting up an IT consultancy is to tap the potential of digital transformation. “Most local firm purchase expensive software systems from developers but do not make optimum utilisation of the software because of lack of expertise. Through our IT consultancy arm we plan to train the end users to avail maximum benefit from the system and developing new and better software solutions.”

He added that, the venture aims to launch new software products in future in the fintech, healthcare and social service sector. “TechPally is a joint collaboration with Vatandeep Singh, an MBA from Goa Institute of Management,” revealed Kharangate.

The inauguration of TechPally was by Manoj Caculo, president, GCCI, in the presence of

Sandip Bhandare, former president, GCCI, Satish Shinde, managing director, Astra Metals, Apoorv Sharma, chief executive officer, AICGIM and Ravindra Manerkar, operations head EDC Ignite.

Speaking on TechPally, Caculo said that, it would help Goan startups and other business entities to become financially knowledgeable and disciplined. “It is necessary for local units to catch up with the global market in terms of technology to survive and thrive,” added Caculo.