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Gaude elected sarpanch of Priol VP




Almost a month after the ouster of Laxmikant Khedekar from the post of sarpanch, Pandurang Gaude has been elected as the new sarpanch of Priol Village Panchayat on Tuesday. Pandurang Gaude defeated Manguesh Gaude with a mere one vote and got the sarpanch chair. 

As per information, two candidates Pandurang and Manguesh had filed their nominations for the post of Priol VP sarpanch during the election scheduled on Tuesday at the panchayat office. During the open voting system, out of eleven panch members six voted for Pandurang, while five votes for Manguesh giving the sarpanch post to Pandurang with a mere one vote.

Six panch members who voted for Pandurang include deputy sarpanch Diksha Naik, panch Damodar Naik, Pandurang Gaude, Adv Varad Mardolkar, Harishchandra Jalmi and Mangaldas Gaude. While Laxmikant Khedekar, Rohini Naik, Harsha Gaude, Sanjana Gaude voted in favour of Manguesh

It may be recalled that on December 4 six panch members had filed a no confidence motion against Laxmikant Khedekar and had voted him out on December 17, 2019.

Not taking other panch members into confidence in developmental work, not giving proper time to public in the panchayat were said to be some of the reasons for his ouster. 

Laxmikant Khedekar was elected as the sarpanch of Priol Panchayat in August 2018 after the resignation of former sarpanch Mangaldas Gaude.