Audio clip of Uttarakhand Cong leader threatening Brahmins goes viral


Dehradun: An audio clip in which a Congress leader in Uttarakhand purportedly talks of teaching Brahmins a lesson for voting in favour of the BJP has surfaced on social media, drawing sharp criticism from the saffron party.

When contacted, Congress leader and former Uttarakhand minister Rajendra Bhandari said the clip was tampered with and leaked on social media to tarnish his image.

The audio was apparently recorded around the panchayat elections in the state held in October last year.

Bhandari is heard in the clip asking an aspiring zila panchayat member to “teach a lesson to Brahmins for voting in favour of the BJP”.

He is also heard saying that he won’t let the BJP win. Brahmins and Rajputs constitute two major chunks of the electorate in Uttarakhand.

The BJP termed the remarks an attempt to foment social discord. Uttarakhand BJP media incharge Devendra Bhasin said the party condemns the remarks in the “harshest of words”.

“It is yet another example of Congress’ divisive politics,” Bhasin said. He said it was no more than a “pipe dream” as people stood with the BJP. “The Congress has always done the politics of division. It employs all sorts of tricks to grab power. But it stands exposed now and is going down the abyss,” he