45 illegal structures in Penha de Franca get show cause notices




Around 45 structures including a Madrasa was served show cause-cum-stop work order notice for carrying out illegal construction which created panic amongst the local residents of Penha De Franca. A delegation of local residents led by Panchayat members and ZP members called on the deputy collector demanding
a clarification.

The whole issue came to light after a show cause cum stop work order notice was issued to around 40- 45 structures including a Madrasa at Anganwadi nagar. The notice was served under Section 32 of the Land Revenue Code, 1968 on the report of the mamlatdar which stated that illegal activity was carried out without obtaining any conversion Sanad from the authority.  

More than 30 local residents of Anganwadi nagar, Porvorim comprising of men and women led by the sarpanch of Penha de Franca Gurunath Vernekar, ZP member Gupesh Naik, and local panch member Safar Fadte, Muqtar Sheikh and Rafique Shirahatti met the deputy collector II Mamu Hage in the presence of deputy collector I Akshay Potekar on Monday at the deputy collector’s office.

ZP member Gupesh Naik said, “We are surprised as without any complaint how 45 notices were served. People of all faiths
reside together and only when elections are approaching notices are issued to them”.

Meanwhile the deputy collector II Mamu Hage has assured local residents of Penha De Franca that the whole issue will be
looked into.

She said, “I have heard the residents and the notice are followed as per the Land Revenue Code. When any illegal property or illegal settlement is found then the talathi and mamlatdar submits a report and accordingly notices are served”.

She further said, “The notices were purely sent on the basis of a report submitted to us and it was not to target anyone. We have been receiving 100- 200 reports of the talathi about illegality hence there is no question from a communal angle”.