‘KTM Mhoji Bhett Tuka’


Once in a while, lovers of Konkani music get an album that is a real treat. ‘KTM Mhoji Bhett Tuka’ released by Jose Mascarenhas is one such disc. Thirteen songs on various subjects with good lyrics, beautiful music, and rendered by some of the top singers in Konkani music, this is a must buy!

The album opens with ‘Atancheo Avoi-eo’ by Jose Mascarenhas, comparing the mothers today with those of old. In ‘Computer’, Cielda Pereira continues with the need of this device in todays’s life, Jose returns to pay tribute to a father’s love on ‘Paicho Mog’ and Rosario de Benaulim sings ‘Teacher-ank Man Favo’, narrating incidents that happen in schools where the students use the power of their parents to trouble good teachers.

‘Cheddvam- Cheddvam’ by Menino Mario tells of a relationship between two girls. Sonia Dias, after many years, joins Jose to sing the touching and tragic ‘Gulfant Dumalle’. The lady’s beautiful voice has a charm of its own and is about the suffering many encounter when they work as maids in the Gulf. Vitorino Tavares makes a fine debut with the well researched ‘Sri Lanka-nt Bomb Blast’, Sonia and Jose sing of undying love in the beautiful ‘Sopnant Dista’ and Jose sings about Ranu, the lady who made a sensation in Bollywood with her voice on ‘Gorib Kantorist Ranu’.

The title song is rendered well by Menino Mario. Parents feel that they are keeping their children happy with expensive gifts, but these gifts at times result in great tragedies. ‘Ojeap Ghoddlem’ rendered by Jose recounts a miracle that happened during an accident, by the mighty power of Lord Jesus. Edwin dCosta gives a bit of advice while shopping duty free at airports abroad on ‘Airportar Shopping’ and the final track ‘Niz Mog’, on true love misused, and rendered with great emotion by Cielda, is the crowning glory in this superb album.

All the lyrics have been composed by Jose Mascarenhas with good music from Norman Cardozo, who excels with pleasant arrangements and fillers. A great addition to your collection!