Shree Damodar College inaugurates ‘The Spotlight Series’



VVMs Shree Damodar College of Commerce and Economics inaugurated ‘The Spotlight Series’ in the Ganesh Daivajna Auditorium, Shree Damodar Educational Campus.

The first lecture of the series titled ‘Education, Youth & the Challenges Ahead’ was delivered by RM Prem Kumar, IAS (Retired), former chief secretary, Government of Maharashtra.

Kumar spoke about the challenges of education and how to combat it. He said: “There is a constant shift in goal posts, so one has to have a distant vision in this technologically reinventing world.

He compared the current education system to a production line, which churns out students who will one day find themselves irrelevant in the competitive world. He strongly felt that while the model of learning that is teaching-imbibing-reproducing has helped so far, there should be a viable alternative to make it impactful. With the growing influence of artificial intelligence in the world of business, students will face radical shifts in the nature of jobs and they have to be prepared for this.

He described and examined the teacher-student-parent relationship as a triumvirate; influence of all three in the process of education is equally important. Speaking about the parents’ role he said: “Children should be exposed to risk for awareness and confidence building, have them taste the reward of the risk which will in turn make them competent.” He also said that parents should not create identities for their children that make them stagnant.

While elaborating on the role of teachers he said: “Teachers are the silver light of learning with sacred flames”, teachers should not only give data and information but should provide a knowledge perspective to students and this is possible only when they rationally decide what is important and relevant and what is not.

President of Vidya Vikas Mandal, CA Sheela Gaunekar, said that the college always strives to bridge the gaps that exist in the field of education.

The main aim of the Series is to invite and interact with luminaries from different fields who will ‘inspire students to aspire’.

At the end of the session Kumar addressed a number of interesting questions from the audience and concluded on the note that we need to change the present attitude of ‘don’t think,
only ink’.