Decision on handing over Vaddem lake to Fabrica deferred


Vasco: The Mormugao Municipal Council (MMC) on Tuesday decided to defer the decision on handing over the beautified Vaddem Lake to the Fabrica for the purpose of maintenance works after opposition from some opposition councillors.

The special meeting of the council was convened on Tuesday to discuss various issues. MMC chairperson Nandadeep Raut decided to defer the issue and discuss the same in a special meeting to be convened shortly.

With regards to the re-assessment of house tax structure, the council has decided to tie-up with Axis Bank for geo-tagging. The MMC will have to provide two of its staff members for geo-tagging. The issue pertaining to the stray cattle was also discussed with council resolving to have tie-up with Ponda-based Organisation for People and Animals Welfare.

“The council will procure a vehicle and the impounded stray cattle will be handed over to the organisation if the owner of the cattle fails to pay fine imposed by the council within a day,” said Raut. He said that the said organisation possesses 27,000 square metres of land in Ponda.

Discussion was held on the Golden Jubilee Signature project supposed to come up at old chief officer’s bungalow which is pending for the last several years with the council discussing mobilisation of amount, price escalation and extension of time period of the proposed project.

The council has constituted the new managing committee of the school run by MMC and Yatin Kamurlekar has been elected chairman, Fredrick Henriques as manager and Pascoal D’Souza, Reema Sonurlekar and Bhavana Bhosle as members on the school committee.

Meanwhile, the council has through municipal funds enhanced the remuneration of Nandita Haldankar, who is working as a community organiser.