Much of ‘underground work’ remains to be completed: CCP Mayor


Panaji: The digging of the city roads seem to continue unabated, the deadlines for the same set by the Corporation of the City of Panaji notwithstanding, just as the City Mayor, Uday Madkaikar maintained that much of the underground works pertaining to the water supply, electricity and natural gas remains to be completed.  

The City Mayor, speaking to this daily said that the corporation has given a notice to all the concerned agencies and departments to complete their underground works along nine city roads so that the hot-mixing of these roads could be taken up.

“They have almost finished their works along these roads and the hot-mixing work would start within next ten days,” he added, pointing out that a related meeting with the public works department is scheduled on December 6.

“The plans of these agencies and departments as regards underground city works are quite extensive, and if we don’t give them permission to dig up the roads, then their works would come to an halt,” Madkaikar stated, maintaining that even the natural gas suppliers would not be able to provide gas connections to citizens, in such a case.

“Therefore, we have given them extension for digging the roads, barring the nine roads, which would be hot-mixed before the arrival of the New Year,” he added.

The City Mayor informed that the CCP has also started the exercise of preparing estimates for asphalting of city roads, other than the nine roads, which would soon be hot-mixed.

“We hope that by the time these estimates are prepared, tenders floated and awarded, all the underground works on other roads would be completed,” he said.

Madkaikar assured that once all the city roads are hot-mixed, no permission would be given to anyone to dig up these roads, for a period of at least two to three years.

Meanwhile, fresh road digging work has started along the road adjacent to the Salvador Souza-Rose Garden.

Those involved in digging of city roads include the public works department, the Sewerage and Infrastructural Development Corporation of Goa, and the representatives of the JIO as well as the piped gas agency.

Interestingly, the CCP had issued a public notice appealing to all agencies and departments to apply for road cutting NOCs for water, electricity and sewage purposes by November 10, 2019 and to complete road cutting and restoration of dug up roads by November 20, 2019.