TriMart Supermarket opens in Gogol


Margao based, Tridentia Developers ventured into the retail industry with the launch of TriMart Supermarket, Gogol. Spread across 7,500 square feet of space, the supermarket offers all household requirements as well as products such as food and beverages, canned and packaged goods, kitchenware, household cleaners and various seasonal items. It also retails fresh fruit and vegetables, both local and imported. Owners Paresh Sawardekar and Meghana Sawardekar said that, plans are to have an extensive cold storage and bakery section in future. Children of the Sawardekar family Rishan, Ayaan and Sana along with their parents Pushpa and Atmaram Sawardekar, Smita and Uday Kamat inaugurated the supermarket. TriMart is conveniently located near Chinmaya  Mission in Gogol, Margao.