App a day keeps the doctor away


Startup Qubiseed Technologies, Ponda, launched its first product recently. Cyanodoc Healthcare is an app that aims at providing quality medical services, finds out Shoma Patnaik

With technology making its presence felt in the medical industry staying healthy now is just an app away.  The number of healthcare apps available in the market is increasing by the day.   

In Goa too the drift is towards medical apps with Ponda based, Qubiseed Techologies launching Cyanodoc, a digital healthcare app targeted at the patient as well as the doctor. The all-in-one app is easy to use and a great organizer. It helps patients in choosing the best doctor, make appointments and lead a healthier lifestyle by keeping medical records digitally

Doctors who often lead a busy life and keep moving between clinics can view their daily schedule on the app. They get to study case notes and monitor progress. Doctors manage their patients across multiple clinics on the app. The platform also helps doctors inform their patients if they are not available for practice. It is a boon for doctors who can plan and manage their day on the fingertips. 

Cyanodoc is the first product of Qubiseed Technologies, an IT startup founded in September 2017, by Chetan Desai, professor, Goa Engineering College, Farmagudi. The other members of the startup team are Arundhati Chodankar, Navin Khandeparker, Shubhang Borkar and Saneh Phadte, all engineers from GEC.

Desai who got the startup bug while taking classes daily took a sabbatical from his teaching duties to launch the company. Still on break from college, he says that, the Cyanodoc Healthcare platform allows patients in several ways. They get to access doctors, monitor their body parameters and set reminders for medicine.

“We have more than 100 local doctors on the platform with thousands of successful booking. The entire system is completely free for public usage. We want every Goan to take benefit of this service and contribute towards digitizing healthcare,” he says.

Qubiseed is the first Goan startup to be certified by the state government under the Startup Goa programme of the IT Department. The company is also the first to receive funding support towards seed capital and incentives for employing locals under the financial incentives scheme of the state IT Startup Policy.  

The Cyanodoc app works on the mobile phone or tablet. It is available on Android and Apple systems and can be downloaded on Google Playstore. “The app helps both sides,” according to Desai. He says that, the app earning model is through fees charged from doctors.

“The fees are nominal and because it is a small amount doctors do not feel the pinch and therefore do not try to push the fee on patients. It is affordable to doctors. The health monitoring service of blood sugar, BP, etc., offered by the app is of great help to both the doctor and the patient,” says Desai.

He believes that the app helps doctors in making the right diagnosis and recommending the best line of treatment to patients. Patients benefit from faster service and by systematic treatment. “Most of the times patients do not remember to take their medicines in time. Being forgetful can have grave consequences if the illness is of serious type. This app makes a patient alert.” He says. .

Desai displayed the app at the Vibrant Goa 2019 Summit held in the state recently. His company put up a stall at the summit and in fact bagged the first place for being the best designed stall. The response to the app at other industry forums too has been encouraging. “We participated in exhibitions outside the state and also at the India Mobile Congress, Delhi, the top event for mobile based products in the IT software industry,” says the professor.

He believes that the Cyanodoc app will be sustainable in coming years. In future he plans to introduce new services and perhaps get into the diagnostic segment. He is confident of his team working on the app and making it better.  

Falling sick is troublesome. Most of us react to illness with anxiety. Which doctor to go to? Should it be a general practitioner or a specialist? What could be the cost of the treatment? Will I get an appointment? These hassles make a patient more unwell rather than the ailment. With the Cyanodoc app some of the hassles of illness are tackled efficiently.