Mini Movie Mania winners out


The award ceremony of the 72-hours Mini Movie Mania short film competition was held on November 29 at Kala Academy, Panaji. The competition held in two sections: Goa and national, was announced as part of the golden jubilee year of the International Film Festival of India.

Present on the occasion were, CEO, Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) Amit Satija; vice chairman, ESG, Subhash Phaldesai; members of the jury, director, Pradip Nair; filmmaker, editor and sound designer, Lipika Singh Darai; film director, Shivaji Lotan Patil; filmmaker Aditya Jamble; and film, television and radio director and screenwriter, Kamal Swaroop.

Out of the 463 registrations that were received, 100 participants submitted their short films.

Speaking on behalf of the jury, Darai said that the jury witnessed the works of many filmmakers across the country and in many languages. “We journeyed through their concerns, conflicts, dilemmas, insecurities and their control over the medium of filmmaking in portraying a story within duration of five to eight minutes on three topics,” she said. “In many stories the filmmakers pushed the boundaries by having different concepts, narrative methods and visual treatments. There were many socially relevant topics and unique concepts.” She added that given the short duration of the film, she was concerned about the filmmaker’s unique presence and found it lacking in many films.

Under the Goa section, Bhavesh Fulari (‘The Conscience’) won first place for Best Sound Recording. The second place went to Sameer Adkonkarn and Dattaraj Dalvi (‘Bhitollo’). Fulari also took the first place for Best Background Music (‘The Conscience’) while the second place was won by Mahendra Borkar and Saish Shirodkar (‘Malayevaili Kood’).

The first place for Best Screen Play was given to Vishal Babli Gawas (‘Casa De Sa 373’) and second place went to Nehal Chari (‘Asadasya’). For Best Story, the first place went to Vaibhav Kalangutkar (‘They Two’) and second place was given to Pankaj Karapurkar (‘Bhitollo’). Akshay Anil Lad (‘An Outsider’) won first place for Best Editor and second place went to Praveen Ghadi and Saeej Naik (‘Malayevaili Kood’).

In Best Cinematography, first place was awarded to Praveen Ghadi (‘Malayevaili Kood’) and second place was given to Nikhil Haldankar (‘The Conscience’). The Best Actor (Female) was awarded to Soniya Diniz (‘Casa De Sa 373’) and Best Actor (Male) went to Sreeram Shimoga (‘Wrong’). For Best Director, Gururaj Joshi (‘Wrong’) won first place and second place went to Vishal Babli Gawas for ‘Casa De Sa 373’. The first and second place in the Best Film category was won by ‘Wrong’ and ‘Casa De Sa 373’ respectively.

In the National section, the Best Sound Recording award was given to Kiran Suryavanshi (‘Chaar Pandrah’). Gaddam Rajalingam (‘Unbeatable’) won for Best Background Music. The Best Screen Play award was given to Prasad Pandurang Mahekar (‘Adagal’) while Best Story went to Rajesh Shirwaikar (‘Indian Outsider’). The Best Editor award was given to Murali Krishna Manyam (‘Unbeatable’), Best Cinematographer to Abdul Shafique (‘Tamas’), Best Actor (Female) to Raavi Kishor (‘Gharta’) and Best Actor (Male) to Madhusudan Pandey (‘Sarthak’). The Best Director award went to Siddharth Sunil Kumar (‘Tamas’) and Best Film went to Prasad Pandurang Mahekar (‘Adagal’).

Along with the winning films, a short film made by students of Sanjay Centre for Special Education, Goa was also screened at the function.