Learning the healthy approach with Darryl D’Souza


Maria Fernandes | NT

It was a proud moment as The Navhind Times celebrated its 75th workshop on November 3 at Dempo House, Panaji. Since its inception in 2011, these workshops have become a regular feature and are organised once a month. The workshops which are usually held on a Sunday have no fee involved, thus making it possible for everyone to attend.

‘Become healthy or extinct’, a workshop on reversing chronic illnesses with integrated natural therapy was conducted by engineer, therapist and alchemist, Darryl D’Souza. People from all walks of life attended and the senior-most participant was a 93-year old lady from Aldona who was accompanied by her sons and sister.

“Chronic illnesses were not seen till the age of 50 years. But if you look at averages in the world today, you will see them manifesting even at the age of 35 years,” said D’Souza as he commenced the session. He then recounted how his 14-years of ill-health led him to the world of medicine, alternative health therapy and metaphysics of the human body. “My physical trauma during those years got so intense, that I even planned suicide,” he added.

Recounting his journey from wellness to sickness and back to wellness, he stated shocking facts that we usually turn a blind eye to. “It is we who make our bodies age and sick with wrong habits, foods, substances, materials and environment! If we stop doing wrong things, we can prevent sickness,” he said emphatically. Listing the common foods that make us sick like milk, sugar, sea-salt, rice, wheat, processed oil and microwaved food, he stated that the general public have a wrong notion about these foods and hence their usage is perpetuated.

On the topic of milk, he said: “We drink it only because we are forced to, by our doctors, milk manufacturers and half educated teachers of nutrition. Children above the age of 4 hate the smell and taste of milk, hence milk powders like Complan, Bournvita, Horlicks and so many different milk shakes were invented.” Debunking the common myths, he gave alternative sources of calcium, namely, broccoli, soy milk, oranges, etc.

He spoke at length on each of the above mentioned foods and also on alkaline and acidic foods. His insights into using earthenware, cast-iron and stainless steel instead of aluminium for cooking were also an eye-opener. Participants had many questions and doubts which he answered and clarified accordingly.

Stressing on the consumption of fruits, raw vegetables, millets, sorghum, sprouts, etcetera, he said: “Eat fresh and organic. Pay the farmer now or pharma later.”