Brushing up on handwriting


At 22, Clacia Pereira from Cuncolim is all set to hold a workshop on brush calligraphy on Sunday, November 10.
The young artist talks to NT BUZZ about how calligraphy is catching up, and more Danuska Da Gama | NT BUZZ

As a child, Clacia Pereira was always inclined towards art. With a love for colours and creating shaded effects, she knew her calling was in the field of art. She thus decided to pursue Fine Arts and specialised in Applied Arts.

In particular, she loves brush calligraphy which involves writing artistically using a brush pen. “The beauty of this medium is in how much pressure you apply while using the brush pen. The more pressure applied results in thicker strokes, while less pressure means thinner strokes,” she says.

Brush calligraphy, she says, is different from pen calligraphy as there are various kinds like ball pen calligraphy, the most common of which is the faux calligraphy method. Some other styles include the flat nib calligraphy which creates a distinctive ‘thick-and-thin’ effect when the it moves over the page, and pointed nib calligraphy which can be a quite a skill to learn. “The beauty of using a brush pen however is that it is very flexible, and when you look at the effect on the letters, it gives a fun, cool feel,” says Pereira, adding that brush calligraphy can be used anywhere and everywhere. “From an assignment cover page, greeting cards, to using it to write on tee-shirts, it can be also used on decoupage bottles, placards, invites, and on so many more things,” she says.

And the artist will be guiding those interested in learning this art form at a workshop being conducted on Sunday, at Majorda. Participants here will learn how to use basic strokes, how to get started, the graded effect, and the pressure effect, along with the application of this medium.

Pereira, who runs an Instagram page @Callistrophy_ which means ‘a beautiful disaster’ is also experimenting in art beyond lettering. “I am trying and experimenting with art all the way and I really wish to attend the IAMPETH (The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting) where I can learn more about calligraphy through few of my favourite calligraphers like The Bombay Lettering Company,” she says.

(The workshop will be held at Roques Enclave Uttorda, Majorda. Details: 9689656038)