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There’s a new revolution brewing in Goa calling out to folks to unravel their artsy side


Ashis Acharjya is no stranger to open mics. The stand-up comedian has been entertaining Goa with his witty cracks for the last couple of years at shows around the state.

With time, he also became aware of the vast and varied talent around Goa, especially among the young crowd.

“The more open mics I attended, the more I became curious about other art forms. I also became pals with many other artistes like musicians, storytellers, etc, because of these events,” he says.  

Three months ago, he began contemplating putting together a single platform for showcasing of all these art forms. His buddy and now co-partner Jeruel Paul immediately hopped on board and Kalakari Revolution was born.

“There’s a lot of talent in Goa but not all the artistes get an opportunity to showcase this. For example, there aren’t too many opportunities for rappers or beat boxers to perform at live music events,” says Acharjya.

Kalakari Revolution is changing this. In fact, at their first event ‘Kalakar Jam Live’ held on September 20 at Beaumont Central, Patto, Panaji, the line-up featured an assortment of talent ranging from a rapper and a beat boxer apart from a dance act, three musicians, three comedians, and three storytellers/poets. And the artistes, all of them youngsters, performed in front of a packed hall. “We weren’t even expecting 30 people, but an audience of 70 plus showed up. It was quite overwhelming,” says

The duo is now putting together a list for their next show which they hope to stage in November. This time they are limiting the acts to 10.  And the procedure to be a part of the line-up is pretty simple.

“We have a fixed number of slots for different categories and it is all on first come, first serve basis, those who register first are in. However, we also ensure that we have a headline act at every show, a performance that really stands out. This act gets a longer time slot. This way the audience can be assured of getting their money’s worth,” says Acharjya, adding that they are also looking to diversify into the Indian classical scene.

But before that, Kalakari Revolution is also all set to bring to Goa, stand-up comedian Azeem Banatwala’s new show ‘Between the Lines’.

Incidentally the Kalakari Revolution-curated show will be first performed in Goa on November 9 at Mark 1, Panjim Convention Hall, Mala-Panaji, before it heads off to other cities around India. “We are looking at bringing more of such comedy shows to Goa after that as well. Later, we may also look at bringing live music acts,” says Acharjya.

And while all the action is currently only centred at their Panaji venue, the duo is looking at hosting events at other cities in the near future.