Stop Sale Of Fish Outside Market

Fisherwomen from the Vasco fish market have been protesting since the last four days against migrants selling fish at various locations in the port town by selling fish outside the fish market, by the roadside. The fisherwomen have also threatened to sell fish inside the Mormugao municipal council (MMC) building if the council fails to act against these migrants. There is an existing rule, which prohibits the sale of fish outside the fish market. What is necessary is implementation of this rule. Migrants also indulge in door-to-door sale of fish which many people find convenient to buy. In the process, the fisherwomen have to suffer as a result of a drop in business at the fish market even though these fisherwomen pay tax regularly to the civic body. Hence, the demand of these fisherwomen is genuine and the civic body needs to act in this matter, especially because the tussle has been going on for several years. It must be said that the migrants get the fish they sell either from the fishing jetty or the wholesalers. If this sale of fish to the migrants is stopped then they will obviously not be able to carry out their business. Goans, on their part, should resist buying fish from migrants, who sell fish outside the fish market.


Non-functional Streetlights
At Adpai Jetty

For quite some time now, streetlights along the Adpai jetty have been in a neglected state. Some of them remain non-functional, while others are in a faulty position thereby defeating the very purpose of illuminating the place. At times, some fixtures are found missing from the concerned streetlight poles. As on Sunday, October 20, at 7:30 am, two fixtures were found missing while two others were noticed in a faulty position. Such a pitiful state of affairs amply depicts that the maintenance work in this regard is unsatisfactory. Linemen deputed in this jurisdiction have failed to deliver prompt attention to assure proper illumination to travellers using the place. Many people proceed for work at Rassaim, Verna, Vasco and the neighbouring areas on a regular basis from the jetty. However, while returning home during late evenings and nights, they face inconvenience due to the lack of illumination along the road. Females and senior citizens usually are the worst sufferers. It is time for the elected representatives of the local village panchayat of Adpai-Durbhat to take a note of this matter and initiate favourable steps in consultation with higher officials at the electricity department in Ponda so as to end the hardships of public.