South Goa police record 88.5% crime detection rate in last 9 months


Shyam Zambauliker | NT


During the first nine months of this year, a total of 852 criminal cases were reported in South Goa of which 754 were detected, putting  the crime detection rate at 88.50 per cent.

South Goa Superintendent of Police Arvind Gawas said that four police stations in South Goa till September this year achieved 100 per cent detections. They include Sanguem, Mormugao, airport police station and Collem police station.

As per records, 13 murders were reported in South Goa this year till September and all were detected while 13 attempts to murder cases were reported and all were detected. Nineteen cases of rape were reported and all were detected. In all, 54 thefts were reported and 48 were detected.

Thirty-four cases of rioting were also reported and all were detected. Ninety-four cases of hurt were registered during the said period and 89 were detected; 17 cases of chain-snatching were reported and 13 were detected while 18 cases of kidnapping were registered and 14 were detected.

Eighteen cases of house trespass were reported during the period and all were detected.

SP Gawas said that in the year 2018 in all 1,055 cases were registered in South Goa with the detection rate being 86.54 per cent. He said that in the year 2017 in all 1,281 cases were registered and detection rate was 82.67 per cent. He claimed that there was 17.64 per cent decline in crimes in 2018 and detection rate had increased by 3.87 per cent.

Sources in police said that total number of 70 heinous crimes like murder, attempt to commit murder, rape, dacoity, robbery  etc were registered in South Goa in the year 2018 as against 76 heinous crimes registered during the year 2017. Thus there was decrease in heinous crime cases by 7.89 per cent.

Gawas said that the number of heinous crimes like murders, attempt to commit murder, rape, dacoity and robbery decreased during the first nine months of 2019. He also said that detection of heinous crimes in 2018 was 97.14 per cent and in 2019 it has improved further.