SC Davorlim triumph tie-breaker; in final




Sporting Club of Davorlim entered the final of 10th Cuncolim Union Rolling Trophy football tournament defeating Mandopa SC 6-5 via tie-breaker at Cuncolim grounds on Saturday.

The teams played a goalless draw during the regulation time, despite having some good chances to find the mark in both the halves of play.

The defence of both teams looked strong, wherein Fr Americo Rodrigues stood like a rock for Mandopa SC while for Sporting Club of Davorlim Melvin Figueredo and Clifton Rebello put up a good show.

Playing in attack mode right from the start, both the teams latched on to good passing and played a positional game, holding the ball well and spreading it mostly on the flanks to find gaps in each other’s defensive line.

Mandopa’s Aulon Gomes, Presly Gomes and Langston Luis worked in complete tandem with each other and created a few dangerous forays in the first session, but the strong Sporting Club of Davorlim defence never let their guard down and killed all the good moves that the trio made to find the mark.

Sporting Club of Davorlim too had a couple of chances in the first half of play during which time Melvin Figueredo and Micky Furtado were seen in the
thick of action as they tried some shots which were cooly collected by Mandopa SC keeper Selvin Gomes.

The teams slowed down the tempo of the match midway into the first half after doing some probing to get a goal.

The goalkeepers on either end—Venson Figueredo for Sporting Club of Davorlim and Selvin Gomes for Mandopa SC had some busy time in the first fifteen minutes during which time a goal looked imminent. It was only due to some good goalkeeping that the teams trooped out for lemon break without finding the mark.

The second session however saw Davorlim pressing hard and most of the forays that were created were initiated through their attacking medio Mack Borges. Twice Mack tried to find the mark and almost scored in the 45th minute when his none too powerful shot rolled towards the Mandopa SC goal after the keeper was beaten but Mandopa’s alert defender came from nowhere to send the ball to safey.

Sporting Club of Davorlim continued attacking and in the 50th minute, Mack Borges unleashed a powerful shot which missed the target narrowly.

Both teams went all out for the kill in the last ten minutes and involved themselves in long shooting towards each other’s goal.

Mandopa’s Aulon Gomes sent three shots from 20 yards which were off the mark and then Sporting Club of
Davorlim too tried to score from long range through Mack Borges but to no avail.

As the teams were involved in a goalles dead-lock, the tie breaker had to be adopted in which Sporting Club of Davorlim proved to be the better shooters.