Buy tickets with trash at this festival


The Goa-based LaLaLand festival which will be held on November 1 and 2 (5 p.m. to 11 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.) at Nagao is launching its unique Trash4Cash ticket sales this week where visitors can buy tickets in exchange for trash.

The ticketing concept is part of the Trash4Cash programme, an initiative by festival director Noreen van Holstein. 

The idea is simple: trash = value = ticket. With collected trash, everyone can buy a one-day festival ticket worth of `499. Just collect 15 old newspapers and 20 empty cigarette or chips packs (clean) and bring these to the selected Trash4Cash collection points between October 24-27. “At LaLaLand festival we believe that the impossible is actually possible. We like to call this the magic of LaLaLand. Turning waste into money is such magic,” explains festival director and initiator of the Trash4Cash programme, Noreen van Holstein. 

Minister of Waste Management, Government of Goa, Michael Lobo, who endorses the Trash4Cash programme says: “What we throw away is seen as waste. We need to change this. Waste, if treated properly, has value. It can be turned into new products and energy.”

The Trash4Cash programme follows up on the Waste Bar beach programme conducted in Baga in 2018. In partnership with Dristhi Marine and supported by Calangute Panchayat, the Waste Bar offered drinks for waste. Visitors could buy drinks in exchange for garbage collected on the beach. 

The collected waste for LaLaLand›s Trash4Cash will be produced into attractive design lamps by Goan artist Waylon D’Souza and will then be put up for sale.

LaLaLand is a festival of magic and happiness, circus and madness. The festival which will be in the Portuguese mansion Don Joao will have 20+ acts on three stages including circus and acrobats, silent disco, music, world cuisine, family corner ,and secret bar.

LaLaLand festival was first organised by Holstein in 2017. This year is the third edition of the festival

Details: [email protected] /9818981193