Colombo’s Lotus Tower to remain closed for public


Colombo: Colombo›s Lotus Tower, which was inaugurated last month by President Maithripala Sirisena, would remain closed for public viewing until next year as it has not yet been fully completed, Project Director Shantha Gunananda said.  Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Gunananda said that the construction company, CEIEC, has refused to hand over the project till next year it was incomplete. 

He said that TV and radio broadcasting and transmission from the tower could commence from mid next year. He said the Chinese construction company has not yet informed about the estimated cost for the future expenses to complete the tower. In early September, a Cabinet approval was given to set up a new state-owned enterprise (SOE) to commercialise the Lotus Tower and handle its financial operations.  Gunananda said the delay in the opening of the tower was an obstacle to invest in it and set up an SOE to manage it.  A total of $104 million was spent for construction of the tower and 80 per cent of the cost has been funded by the EXIM Bank of China.  The tower comprises a telecommunication museum, restaurant, supermarkets, food courts, conference halls with a seating capacity for 400 people, a 1,000-seat auditorium, luxury hotel rooms, ballrooms and an observation gallery.  It was inaugurated by Sirisena on September 16.