Police verification to be mandatory for issuance of badges to tourist taxis


Vasco: The Minister for Transport Mauvin Godinho has said that police verification will be made mandatory for issuing of badges for obtaining permits to tourist taxi operators with an aim to give justice to the local population.

Speaking to this daily, Godinho said that the state government will soon issue directions to the transport department to make compulsory police verifications for obtaining badges while issuing permits to run taxis on the roads in

Goa. He alleged that “Police verifications and badges were not required for obtaining permits in the state till date due to the interpretation of Supreme Court judgment which was misinterpreted by the then transport official with the connivance of the Minister for Transport.”

“There are people with criminal backgrounds which can be a threat to tourists who come to Goa. Goans should not be deprived of the taxi business” said Godinho.