Chandor deny Cuncolim quarters spot


Chandor: Chandor Club entered the quarterfinals of 46th Chandor Seamen Rolling Trophy Football Tournament defeating Cuncolim Union 4-3 via the tie breaker played at Chandor grounds on Sunday.

The teams played a 1-1 draw during the regulation time.

Though Chandor Club fielded a strong team, the proceedings were evenly matched with Cuncolim Union constantly sending powerful shots towards the Chandor goal where keeper Presley Mascarenhas displayed courage under the bar with spectacular saves.

Chandor Club went into the lead following a slicing pass from the left flank which Jeston Martins  collected and then banged the ball to the far end of the rival nets in the 45th minute.

Chandor could have seen more goals in its side but poor co-ordination in the upfront was the root cause.

However, even as both teams missed to find the mark in the first half, the second session saw both the teams regrouping well.

After stitching brilliant moves Chandor Club pressed on hard to find the mark and their efforts bore fruits when Jeston Martins managed to find the


Cuncolim Union too carried out an onslaught of raids but Chandor keeper Presley proved to be a good pair of hands.

After several moves, Cuncolim Union’s attacking medio Raghuvir Gaonkar who came in possession of a neat pass lost no time in slamming the ball in past the bewildered  Chandor keeper Presley Mascarenhas.

The match was then played at an accelerating pace with the ball rolling from one end to the other, particularly in the last few minutes of play, a goal looked imminent. But the goalkeepers at either ends stood firm.

As the teams were involved in a dead-lock, the tie breaker system had to be adopterd to decide the winners in which Chandor Club proved to be the better shooters, scoring accurately through Benson Fernandes, Darren Fernandes and Brivon Dias. Cuncolim Union could find the mark only through Bharat Gaoncar and Jerico Dias.