I accepted ‘Once More’ as a challenge, Rohini Hattangadi



The noted actress Rohini Hattangadi, who enacts a dual role – of a queen and hold your breath, of a grandfather – in the Marathi film, ‘Once More’ says that she very much enjoyed working in the movie, just as she did while enacting the wacky roles in the popular Hindi films from the 1980s namely ‘Jalwa’, ‘ChaalBaaz’ and ‘Amiri Garibi’.

“Although, I started on a serious note in the role of Kasturba Gandhi in the English film ‘Gandhi’, I never missed an opportunity to take on such challenging roles,” she said before the premiere show of ‘Once More’ at Inox Multiplex in the city on Friday. “Although it was a challenge to play two different roles, I had done it before as early as 1980, in the Marathi play ‘Rathchakra’ directed by Kamalakar Sarang, where I had to enact two female characters including that of an old widow,” she recalled.

Speaking about the character of the grandfather played by her, which has already created a lot of buzz, Hattangadi said that the heavy make-up and the prosthetics used on her for the particular role helped her a lot. “This is because the character of the grandfather is shown as whimsical and one who is in his own zone,” she stated, observing that the restrictions arising from the make-up and prosthetics helped her to portray the grandfather effectively. 

“I also had to avoid the movements generally associated with females,” Hattangadi said, informing that the biggest problem was sweating under the thick make-up. “The sweat would get trapped in the make-up and cause a lot of irritation,” she mentioned, “And then the make-up on my face would be ruined after six hours.”

The senior actress also observed, in a lighter vein, that her dimples were deliberately hidden under the make-up on her face. Hattangadi further stated that she wanted to use her own voice for the character of grandfather, and had even dubbed for two days by altering her voice, however the director of the film finally selected Marathi stage and film actor, Sanjay Mone to dub for her, in the particular role.

The director of the film, Naresh Bidkar said that the complexities involved in various relationships have been tackled in this film, including emotional turmoil between husband and wife. “We have also tried to deal with the general belief that 90 per cent of the husbands and their wives have been rivals in their previous birth,” he added.  

Dhanashri Dalvi, who plays the lead actress in the film, said that never before has ‘VFX’ – visual effects – been used in a Marathi film as in ‘Once More’. She also said that working with Rohini Hattangadi was a memorable experience. 

Producers of the film Nilesh Lawande, Dilip Kenkre and Vineet Bandiwadekar were also present at the occasion.

Goan businessman Lawande who has diversified into film production, said that he was hooked as soon as he heard the story of the film.