A talent for acting


JP Pereira

Clint Fernandes’ talent for acting was first discovered by Fr Milagres Dias. The latter had approached him to play the main role in ‘Kalokantlean Uzvaddak’ that was staged at the Kala Academy ‘B’ group competition in 2014. Fernandes went on to bag a merit certificate for acting.

“I played a drug addict and it was great to have won the award, especially as this was my first appearance on stage. I am grateful to Fr Milagres for this role and moulding me, a newcomer, who had never acted on stage,” says Fernandes.

Since then the Chorao-based actor and assistant director has been active in tiatr, acting at the Kala Academy Tiatr Competition and also making a foray into commercial tiatr.

2015 saw him being cast in a negative role for ‘Ek Istor’. This tiatr bagged the first prize at the KA ‘B’ group competition.

He then joined Antonet D’Souza in a one act play titled ‘Ghorabo’ and has been assisting her in directing various shows.

“Whenever we participate in competitions at Kala Academy or the TAG Children’s Tiatr Competitions, under the JJ Productions banner, I have been the assistant director and I am glad that this experienced theatre and film actress has faith in my abilities. I have learnt a lot from her,” he says.

Some of their work together, includes ‘Asa Tum Toiar’ for Doordarshan, ‘Baulem’ and ‘Award’ (a first prize winner), for the Children’s Tiatr Competition, and ‘Tum Mhojem Sukh’ for the Kala Academy ‘B’ Group competition.

He also played a negative role in ‘Khobro’ staged by Mini Mario, which proved to be a turning point for him in his personal life as his father saw him acting on stage for the first time at a show that was staged in Chorao. “My dad was not very happy with my involvement in tiatr, but something changed that day. After he saw me act, he came backstage and hugged me with pride. It was a moment of joy for me, today my parents are happy. This is a blessing,” he says happily.

He later acted for ‘Mogacho Ghontter’ with the same director and once again joined Fr Milagres to play a comic role in ‘Sopnellim Sopnam’. He played a corrupt police officer in ‘Tornni Xim’ by Edmund Vaz with Shirish Naik and presently does a fine role of the indecisive helpless lover in ‘Mogan Fullam, Ragan Kantte’ by Jose Fernandes.

When Agnelo de Borim presented Prem Kumar’s ‘Jivit Ek Sopon’ for the classic tiatr festival, he played the role of the disabled beggar and later, the main role of the young man in love. “This was a good experience as the late Prem Kumar was one of the best writers of the Konkani stage and it was a matter of pride to mouth his dialogues,” he says.

Fernandes has acted in ‘Jezuk Soitancho Mar’ a play produced for Doordarshan by Fr Olavo Caiado. Besides this he has performed in plays over All India Radio, acted in khell tiatr for many directors during carnival and rendered his own songs for toasts at weddings. “I thank God for this wonderful gift. I am grateful to Fr Milagres for giving me the opportunity to display my talent. Antonet d’Souza has been a big help too! With my parents support I wish to continue in tiatr for as long as possible. After my current course in bartending, I wish to seek employment but I will act in tiatr, for as long as I can,” he says.