Amp up your style quotient



Got a pair of jeans that is starting to fade but you just can’t bear to part with? Or maybe you’ve got a couple of shirts that you keep hanging in your closet that you hope to wear someday, but they just aren’t fun enough. Or maybe you’ve gotten tired of your wardrobe but aren’t in the mood to spend a ton on buying new clothes. No fear. Alexandra-Faye is all set to launch The Revamp Project that promises an all new look to your outfits.

“I’ve always liked the concept of revamping or reusing clothes, accessories, etc. I am constantly doing this for most of my own outfits. And it dawned on me to try doing this for others too,” says fashion designer Alexandra Faye Vaz.

The Revamp Project thus focuses on giving a new look to used clothes. It is also an environment friendly concept as one will be prolonging the usage time of a certain garment. “People will have to gather up the clothes they would like redone and hand them over to me anytime between July 15 and September 30. I will note down their ideas of what they would like to be done to each garment, and then get down to work,” she says. And the best part, is that it will all be at a marginal rate, she adds. “When you pick up a pair of ripped jeans at a store, you normally pay quite a high price for the same. Whereas, when I revamp a pair of jeans that’s been given to me, the price will be much less in comparison and you wind up with a uniquely customised item,” she says.

Having studied fashion designing at JD institute, Mumbai, Vaz freelanced as a stylist and designer for over a year before launching her own label Alexandra-Faye which focuses on Indo Western and western wear for men, women and children.

“I love designing men’s shirts and Indo Western outfits, and women’s formal wear like gowns. But above all, I love adding that personalised touch of painting on a garment. Creating something exclusive brings me utmost joy,” she says.

Currently, she is also collaborating with her mother, and the two are working on hand painting on T-shirts. “My style is more retro and pop art, along with funky personalised caricatures, while mom’s work leans more towards realistic animal, cartoons and animated characters,” she says, adding that her ultimate dream would be designing and styling at a really high national and international level. “MET gala would be one dream come true!” she says.