Acting her way to success



From a very young age, Veronica Fernandes was a shy and an introverted person. She came from a very conservative family background. However, she had big dreams and aspirations.

In fact, before she discovering her love for acting, she was passionate about dance and always wanted to start her own dance academy. “I wanted to learn more about the different forms so I underwent training at Terrence Lewis Dance Academy in Mumbai,” she says.

It is here that she found a liking for acting. Confident that she could go further in the field, she enrolled herself in acting school. “I went to Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares and learnt various facets of acting. I then did a lot of theatre work there. Back in Goa, I did a few films too,” says Veronica.

Though Mumbai was a totally a different world for this newcomer she did discover her true potentials and abilities. “Mumbai has a very competitive edge over Goa. It was very difficult for me there. I had to struggle just like the rest. I did few works there and now I have started getting offers. I am also reading a few scripts in Goa that I am planning to take on if all goes as planned,” she says.

Among the films that she is a part of is ‘Pedru Poder’ directed by Jojo D’Souza. “The film narrates a tale of a traditional poder who questions his inherited profession and dreams and works towards starting a commercial bread business. He tries to make money to match up to the standard of a rich girl he’s in love with. What happens next is to be watched in the film,” she says.

Veronica play the role of Daisy Colaco, the rich girl who is in love with the poder. “Though I come from a rich background I preferred simple things and that is what makes my role special,” says Veronica, adding that the role offered her a chance to display a different side of her acting to the audience.

Prior to ‘Pedru Poder’, Veronica has acted in three other Konkani films. In the film ‘Rakhondar’ she played the lead role opposite Prince Jacob. In the film ‘Home Sweet Home 2’ she played the character of ‘Prachi’ opposite actor Aryan Khedekar. Her recent film is ‘7dayz’ is an adventure drama, set in a political environment where crime and corruption directly affect the people.

Though each film had a different storyline, Veronica worked towards highlighting different areas of her acting. “The films I worked on have been great. Though they were different in terms of production values, professionalism on and off the set and story, it was an excellent experience. Each film was different and I gave my best in all my projects. I got to work with some of Goa’s best actors like John Dsilva, Prince Jacob, and others,” she says.

She also shares her thoughts on the importance of being a professional in the field. “I spend a lot of time practicing. Also, one of the most important things is to understand my role, be punctual on set, and transform into my character. Being an actress has its ups and downs like all professions,” she says.

While there are ongoing debates and discussions as to why Konkani cinema is not gaining much popularity like the rest of regional cinema in the country, Veronica says that Goan producers have to limit their spending because there is a very small population of Goan audience as compared to Bollywood. “Goa is also culturally different so in terms of technical par, the current film I’ve just finished is totally on par with some of the best Bollywood production houses, but in terms of audience, our population is small but our hearts are large,” says the actress.

She now looks forward to hone her acting skills and is open to new projects. “Right now I’m preparing for my dubbing schedule for Pedru Poder, as well as reading a few scripts. I am also working on a story that I may consider to turn into a film. I am looking forward to continuing my film journey in Goa and making good Goan films,” says Veronica.