Running for the oceans



On the occasion of World Oceans Day, Run for the Oceans (RFTO), an initiative by Adidas, brought together runners of Goa in collaboration with India’s first electric vehicle tourism initiative, B:Live to support the oceans and unite for the fight against marine plastic pollution. 

Run for the Oceans is a global movement that harnesses the power of sports to raise awareness about the threat of marine plastic pollution and inspires positive action. It leverages an opportunity to celebrate the oceans, through an event where runners unite to dedicate their time and energy to generate investment towards saving the oceans.

RFTO witnessed overwhelming support from the local communities, groups like Drishti Lifesaving lifeguards and runners who joined the global movement against ocean pollution. Citizens from all walks of life laced up for the run at Miramar beach to help create awareness about plastic pollution and ways to combat it.

Runners clocked their kilometres completed on Runtastic, wherein every kilometre materialises into $1 which is donated to Parley Ocean School.