SEBC and The Himalaya Drug Co pledge for a greener environment


Celebrating 26 years of International Day for Biological Diversity, the Society for Environment and Biodiversity Conservation (SEBC), a NGO committed to protecting and conserving biodiversity and The Himalaya Drug Company, organized a day-long program to emphasize environment conservation and the importance of biodiversity.

Themed, Our Biodiversity, Our Food, Our Health, the event witnessed participation from over 200 people comprising of leading environmentalists, forest department officials, educationists, college students, and nature lovers from the city.  It commenced with a heritage walk followed by a poster exhibition of various wild, rare and endangered species of flora & fauna, edible fruits, grains, medicinal plants present in the Western Ghats by students. 

The event was inaugurated by Dr Rajendra Kerkar, environmentalist in the presence of Dr. Pai, Professor of Zoology, University of Goa and Paresh Porob, range forest officer, Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Mollem.  “This year’s theme focuses on the importance of diverse foods and how biodiversity is a foundation for human health.  The food we consume impacts our overall health and wellbeing, In the recent times the consumption pattern of food has become homogenized globally which is directly linked to various diseases and health risks such as obesity,” said Dr Babu, head of phytochemistry, the Himalaya Drug Company.

International Day for Biological Diversity aims at enhancing the understanding and awareness on biodiversity issues. This year marks the completion of 26 years of progress and achievements made towards its goals at a national and global scale.

“The world is a melting pot of diverse lifestyles and maintaining its biological diversity has been the prime goal.  Over the century we have lost 90 per cent varieties of crops from fields, 50 per cent of various livestock breeds have disappeared and many fishing grounds are fishing beyond their sustainable limit. This radical shift has led to a transformation in our diet and has adverse effects on our health. Hence, being the most advanced species, it is our responsibility to ensure that our biodiversity is being taken care of by adopting eco-friendly lifestyles,” said Dr Vikrant B Berde, president, SEBC.