Creativity on the floor


Goa State Commission organised a rangoli workshop in a bid to preserve the traditional art form in the years to come. The aim of the workshop was to create awareness about safeguarding children’s rights. The workshop was conducted by Arjun Shrirang Parab. Further, the Commission will organise a summer camp for children to encourage them to participate and hone their skills which will in turn assist them in the future.

Chairperson of the Commission, Sushma Mandrekar said, rangoli is our traditional art and rangoli making is a skill that should be learnt by the children before it disappears.

There are many art forms such as pottery, jute craft, shell craft, etc that need to be preserved as they depict uniqueness of state of Goa.

Panch member, Premandra Shet also encouraged the children to partake in such activities and master their skills.