Ribandar needs attention on development front


Ribandar: Ribandar or Rai Bunder, as Goans know, is also called as Raibondra. Rai Bunder means a small port which had witnessed busy days during Kadamba dynasty, Adil Shah’s rule and Portuguese regime. It was known as a sleepy village in the past but has the credit of producing famous footballers, artists, writers and painters. However, it has not seen much of development.

Ribandar lacks an organised market for the locals and vegetables to fruits to fish are sold on the roadsides.

Here roads are very narrow and as such there are no footpaths, no parking spaces and now due to constant digging work dust pollution is also witnessed. The residents are worried that if the digging is not completed before monsoon it will create a problem for them.

Youth from the area are in want of a proper play ground and on many occasions they had submitted representations to the government and SAG, but in vain. However, local councillor Rupesh Halarnkar informed that the government has acquired the existing playground and handed it over to the SAG for further development.

Despite introducing door-to-door garbage collection, there are still people throwing garbage in the Mandovi river or in the mangroves or any open space, he said and added that if there is any garbage found dumped on the roadside, it is immediately cleared up.

Rio de Ourem separates it from Panaji and forms a large marshy estuary along the Mandovi river. The sole causeway that links Ribandar by road to Cidade was built way back in 1633 under the reign of a Portuguese viceroy, Count of Linhares, after whom this causeway has obtained its name.

Renowned personalities like artist late Linganath Naik, artist Suresh Phadte and famous footballers who brought laurels to the state were Anthony Batelho, Jose Coutinho, Brahmanand Shankwalkar and others. Residents feel that the government should change its attitude towards Ribandar and give attention to its development.