Goacan steps up campaign against quacks


On World Health Day, which was on April 7, GOACAN cautioned consumers to be alert against fake medical practitioners operating in the state.The consumer body, cautioned consumers to be alert that the WHO universal health coverage theme “Everyone, Everywhere” is not allowed to be converted to “Anyone, Anywhere” in Goa and immediately report the operations of fake doctors, healers, so called baba’s and quacks to the state police.

According to GoaCan, all sorts of dubious characters have descended on the state and are taking advantage of the ‘medical tourism’ slogan to offer all kinds of dubious treatments in residential complexes, office spaces and rented apartments. “Unauthorized treatments in homeopathy, ayurveda and  allopathy with medicines that are not approved are sought to be pushed in Goa. Pain clinics under the guise of alternate medicine’ are offering treatments to patients with rheumatism and orthopedic issues and massage and oral sex is now being offered as a treatment for sexual dysfunction, there is an urgent need for consumers to fight back against such practices,” said the consumer outfit which is conducting a month long public health awareness campaign for consumers.

The campaign involves monitoring facilities and treatment at all the health centers under the Directorate of Health Services. An ongoing all-India census undertaken by the Central Bureau of Health Intelligence (CBHI) wherein enumerators are mapping healthcare establishments is expected to go a long way in helping consumers bust the fake medical practitioners. The census will also help consumers to act against medical and dental treatments being offered to them in unauthorized premises as it exposes them to health risks and creates difficulties in claiming compensation under the Consumer Protection Act 1986.