Doctors in art


‘IKIGIA’, an art exhibition by The Artistic Doctors of Goa will open on March 29 at Kala Academy, Panaji. NT BUZZ details


As one gets immersed into the world of work and careers, finding the time to pursue one’s hobby or hobbies sometimes becomes difficult. However, while they may have taxing careers in the medicine field, a group of doctors under the adage of Artistic Doctors of Goa have striven to continue with their passion for art. They are now all set to take their hobby to the next level as they prepare to exhibit their artworks at an exhibition on March 29.

“This determined lot decided to never let their passion die and show the world their ‘IKIGAI’ i e a reason for living, a reason to get up in the morning,” says consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician Sophia Rodrigues. In fact having previously exhibited her works at two exhibitions already, and having played a key role in organising the exhibition by the Artistic Divas of Goa on the theme ‘Life’ back in June 2018, it is Rodrigues once again, who has played the main role in bringing together these doctors and organising this exhibition.

“The idea was to try and hold an art exhibition every 6-8 months and give a platform to new talent in art. I didn’t set out looking specifically for doctors. But given that we tend to mix around with other members in our field, it so happened that I managed to get onboard these group of doctors,” says Rodrigues.

And many of them are in fact going to be exhibiting their works for the first time. “Each of the artists will be showcasing about 15 artworks each done in different styles like acrylics in canvas, watercolours, pastels, etc. Two of them will be showcasing their photography works,” says Rodrigues.

She also wants to focus on giving a boost to various traditional art forms in Goa like bamboo art and pottery, with more attention to those which are dying. In this respect, for the upcoming exhibition, the art form of chitari will be in the limelight. “I happened to attend a workshop on chitari at the International Centre Goa and got a chance to interact with the artist. I discovered that this over a century old art form is slowly dying with very few families in Cuncolim involved in it,” says Rodrigues. She further states that the younger generation is not interested in continuing chitari art as it does not given them a good income.

“This artwork is usually done on items like baby cradles, etc. However, if this art style could be incorporated and used on other items that people use as well, I believe that this art can be revived and generate a demand,” says Rodrigues.

On her part, she has invited a chitari artist to be present at the venue on one of the exhibition days, so that visitors can learn more about this art style. “It was a little difficult to get the artist to come over. He himself was not convinced that people would like it,” she admits.

On the last day of the exhibition (March 31), there will be an art competition for children (age group: 7 to 15 years old) in the morning at 10 a.m., while a talent show for parents will be held in at 4 p.m.


(The show will open on March 29, 4 p.m. at Kala Academy, Panaji)