On Advani, A Victim Of Circumstances

The curtain has finally come down on the long and illustrious career of BJP patriarch and co-founder L K Advani. At 91, it did not take long for the BJP to convince him that it was time to call it a day. Always the bridesmaid, Advani was a victim of circumstances. He could have become the prime minister in 1999 but for the towering presence of Atal Behari Vajpayee. He could have been the prime minister in 2014 but for the sudden arrival on the scene of an upstart, who took the country by storm and is still holding sway. He could have been President of India in 2017 if only he had the blessings of his bete noire. But it was not to be. Hopefully, he will be treated with dignity befitting his stature as he moves into the sunset.


Bar People From Contesting Polls From Two Seats

Many popular candidates in the fray for the upcoming General Elections 2019 have opted to contest from more than one seat. The candidates’ cautious move to legally contest from two seats as approved by the party may be owing to serve either of both the constituencies, if elected successfully. The dubious move perhaps may be seen as a ‘safe bet’ to atleast retain one seat while conceding the other seat, if lost. However, it should be noted that the voters on the other hand will remain bewildered to choose an ideal or ‘adarsh’ candidate contesting from both the seats. A party should field its candidates with a primary focus on winning the voters’ hearts and thus strive for development under a single constituency. It is also known from historical records that many popular candidates contesting from two seats choose to maintain sanctity in both the constituencies but retain only one seat post announcement of results. However, if one of the seats is lost or conceded post results, the voters’ belief entrusted to a candidate will only be at loss. The promise of fulfilling the respective constituency’s basic needs of development will remain elusive and appear to be mirage until the next election. It is high time now that the yet to be elected representatives understand the harsh ground realities of their own voters and strive towards making the respective constituency progress on a better model and thus make a unanimous resolution to represent only from a single constituency. The Election Commission of India (ECI) too needs to formulate a smart strategy in future to ensure only a single representation is made by a candidate for any constituency.

VARUN S D, Bengaluru