Time For People’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’

BJP Government, which boasted about India not facing any terrorist attack after Modi’s coming to power, needs to learn lesson from Pulwama attack. All Indians have due respect even today, for the surgical strike carried out during regime of Modi Government. The film based on that attack was quite appreciated by Indians. India’s name has been included in the list of countries which have gone to enemy’s camp for carrying out surgical strike; but how can we be complacent with just that ? A tiny country like Israel, which has to be searched in world map with the help of lens, has been constantly carrying out surgical strikes by going to enemy’s camp. Within next few hours, Israel destroys the base from where enemy throws bomb towards this country; therefore, enemy doesn’t dare to attack Israel even if this country is surrounded by powerful enemy on all sides. Indians have been wishing that Pakistan should be taught a lesson permanently for its constant mischief. After Pulwama attack, this wish has become more intense. BJP’s image in people’s mind is becoming maligned due to increasing inflation, devaluation of rupee, failure in constructing Ram-Mandir, accusations leveled against them in Rafale deal etc. Hence, people will feel that Modi Government takes care of their ‘Mann ki baat’ if it took aggressive steps against Pakistan to retaliate Pulwama attack, rather than bursting verbal bombs. It will also help in bettering Government’s image.

Jagan Ghanekar, Mumbai


Considering Policy For Tender coconut production

The Agriculture Minister has disclosed the government’s intent to formulate a policy for tender coconut production in the state taking into consideration it’s high value potential from the tourism point of view. With a view to provide fillip to coconut production it is understood that builders could be provided with additional FAR in lieu of coconut plantation at their construction sites. It must be said that just planting a coconut sapling will not ensure that it will one day grow into a tree. The coconut saplings that have been planted need a lot of care. It needs regular watering, adding of manure and protecting it from the stray animals. A coconut tree that has grown after plantation can always be cut down at a later stage. It is pertinent to note several trees, including coconut trees, have been cut down across the state in order to widen the roads. The government needs to replace these trees with coconut sapling. The people residing in the vicinity could be given the responsibility of looking after these coconut trees and in turn enjoy the produce. In the cities what is important is having more of parking space besides coconut trees.



Intelligence Agencies And Pulwama Terror Attack

As the nation bids a tearful farewell to the martyrs of the Pulwama terror-attack, it however finds itself unable to erase memories of the horrors of that eventful Thursday when a suicide-bomber owing allegiance to a dreaded terrorist organization from across the border rammed his explosive-laden vehicle into a bus full of Central Reserve Police Force personnel in South Kashmir killing many of them. While the social media is busy questioning the government for its reticence to mount retaliatory attacks on the proliferating terrorist-pads on enemy soil, sage suggestions that the powers-that-be need to tread a cautious path on the issue cannot be taken lightly either. Seeking diplomatic isolation of Pakistan, the manner in which India has sought cooperation from the international community appears to be the best option for the pulverised government right now. Although military strikes to flush out militants from safe havens in Pakistan are not rare, these operations were always cloaked in secrecy with denials of any knowledge about such attacks giving the whole matter an enigmatic overview. But the manner in which the ‘surgical strike’ on militant camps in Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir in response to the terror insolence at Uri was publicized in the public domain and was used by the government of the day as an expression of its strong abhorrence for terrorism-related activities on Indian soil has served to have a yo-yo effect. The bloodbath of February 14 at Lethpura where 42 jawans of the CRPF lost their lives serves to be a reminder of this fact. The culture of militancy that Pakistan has been breeding for the past few decades solely for the purpose of destabilizing India has however never compelled India to take a more cautious approach considering the terror perceptions it has been warned against. The euphoria over the last ‘avenging’ military action by the Indian army is yet to die down and the nation continues to expect ‘surgical strikes’ to be timely retorts every time the marauding insurgents surprise our security forces. There is a lack of coordination between  our intelligence agencies and authorities.