Go back in time at Artisan Backerei


Danuska Da Gama I NT BUZZ

Desserts, cakes, savouries, pastries and breads – you would be surprised to find an extensive menu at a bakery. And when I say the extensiveness of the menu can be the reason for your exhaustion, you ought to believe me.

At a place like Artisan Bäckerei, with so many options, don’t pick and choose, try everything you possibly can! With little planning, I hastily headed to Calangute from work with the hope of finding some company on the way, but I’m glad I didn’t as the scene I created was pretty embarrassing – like that of a child left in a doll house.

From the French Opera, Belgian Buche de Noel (Yule Log) to the Dobos Torte, Sicilian Cassata, it’s not just about satisfying your hunger pangs or cravings but an experience of relishing some vintage, classic recipes that take you back in time or at least get you reading up on delicacies from a century gone by.

The Zuccotto Fiorentino, a 16th century Italian classic which is a dark chocolate cake dome filled with rich hazelnut mousse, cherries and Cointreau cream was absolutely divine to look at and even better to taste. The slight tinge of the cherries and bitterness of the dark chocolate with light mousse was great.

If you love bananas and pineapples you should try the Hummingbird cake – a 19th century classic Jamaican recipe with the two fruits, walnuts, spices and cream cheese frosting. This is what most people like, I was told and I now join that list too.

If you love chocolate in your dessert don’t miss out on the Devil’s chocolate cake or the Red wine brownie. I can’t handle dark chocolate beyond a certain level, but the fact that there was red wine in it led me to make a truce and relish the brownie.

What founder and CEO, Vikas Palande and chief artisan Vijay Nagpal have put together isn’t just a commercial venture but one that has been planned and executed after years of experience in the field and knowing the finer details of bakery and confectionery.

Palande tells us that he decided to close a café he ran in the same premises because he believed in the vision Nagpal had. “We started in April and understood what it took, and finally launched in October. The menu is vast and it will be one that changes to incorporate other forgotten recipes and those that have worked for us,” Palande says.

From pies and pretzels to croissants and quiche, the pastries and savouries are worth trying and will surely lead you back to the bäckerei that is open till midnight.

The Sicilian bell pepper, gruyere cheese and sundried tomatoes pizza ring can’t be compared to other pizzas. The Portobello mushrooms and smoked Gouda stuffed croissants is just enough for a brunch – it isn’t too heavy or too light on the tummy.

While I did miss the much talked about classic Irish Lamb Shepherd’s pie and the Mediterranean Lamb Meatloaf, the classic quiche Lorainne which was a bite of heaven with smoked bacon, egg and gruyere cheese and the Greek feta and spinach pie were compensations for my soul on that crazy weekday.

For Nagpal, who spent over 30 years in this fun-filled field, this is not just a means of whiling away his time at retirement but an endeavour to bring to the people of Goa and tourists some unique and classic recipes. “We use the finest ingredients and do not compromise on the recipe with cheaper or easily available substitutes, this is why you might find the prices a bit higher than other bakeries,” he says.

At Artisan Bäckerei you can order by the kilo which allows you to share some love and goodness with friends and family. They also customise and adjust recipes for those with allergies or certain dietary requirements with a minimum order time of 24 to 48 hours, and did you know that they also deliver right to one’s doorstep?

So why not make it a weekend plan and visit Artisan Bäckerei!