Time For Political Parties To Debate On Developmental Issues

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its star campaigners have been taken aback following the assembly poll results in the Hindi heartland states wherein the party lost the states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh to Congress. The BJP campaigners are now more vehemently attacking the Nehru Gandhi family and the Congress with strident Hindutva agenda. The Congress is similarly relying on its old slogans, Gandhi family and soft Hindutva. The BJP big guns have been able to get away with the Gujarat riots and the Congress with the Sikh riots. The ‘mahagathbandhan’ of ambitious old politicians cannot be the answer. The religious and emotional issues have run their exhausting course and today what the people want is to know about what is being done about them to make life for all the ordinary citizens including farmers and labourers fruitful. The nation cannot survive on a diet of hatred and empty rhetoric, slogans, false nationalism, wasteful creation of statues and changing names of cities and so on. The politicians are not bringing in the desired changes for peaceful and lawful co-existance and better governance with transparency and accountability. What is needed is big bang reforms in administration, policing and modern education.



On HC Verdict On MGP Petition

The judgment by the High Court of Bombay at Goa with regard to the petition filed by the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) against former legislators Subhash Shirodkar and Dayanand Sopte is worth welcoming. The MGP’s petition was not public interest litigation, but ‘political interest litigation’. The MGP knew very well that amending the anti-defection law is not within the domain of the High Court but a task to be carried out by the Parliament. But for sheer political benefits and to pressurise the BJP-led government, the MGP filed this petition and wasted valuable time of the High Court. Hence, the court should be congratulated for imposing cost of rupees one lakh on the petitioner. The pending cases before the Indian judiciary are a matter of great concern and the common man has to wait for justice for several years. But it is seen that politically-motivated ‘publicity interest litigations’ are often filed under the garb of public interest, although there is no merit in such petitions. The courts should impose costs in such matters to deter more people from taking recourse to such a step of wasting the judiciary’s time for selfish gains.



BJP Likely To Get Another Chance To Govern in 2019

This refers to the thought-provoking article ‘2019: BJP’s negative campaign won’t work’ (NT December 18). Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi comes across as an effective administrator and a proud nationalist. He is also a policy maven – introverted, precise and even passionate about the most technical of subjects. The image of Modi is considered to be of a stern administrator and a protective strict disciplinarian. As per a survey, it is said that there are more people in the country today who believe that the Modi-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government does not merit another opportunity to govern India after 2019. There is hardly a leader in the opposition camp who can give competition to Modi, who is unstoppable. BJP is well entrenched in every state. Its leadership is proactive. No party or group of parties can match BJP or Modi. BJP is slated to win once again with a mandate to rule for another five years. No doubt, the regional parties are strong in their states but they have their own limitations. When it comes to parliamentary election, the invariable option of the people is Modi and BJP. Modi has done some good things and some bad in the opinion of the general public but his governance has been a lot better than the previous Dr Manmohan Singh government. However, Modi and his aides should not take things for granted because the electorate in India is a silent killer. Because of Modi’s interaction with world’s leaders, he has placed India at a high position. India has also won the hearts of many foreign investors, who consider investing in India during Modi’s regime is profitable. He has represented India internationally very effectively. He has also focused on various policies and his policy of demonetisation also helped the government bring out black money from corrupt people. Now the implementation of new Goods and Services Tax (GST) has also contributed a lot to our economic growth.