Bad roads throw traffic along Zuari bridge road out of gear





Scores of commuters got caught up in an over hour-long traffic jam on either side of the Zuari bridge on Monday as the road along the stretch is next-to-impossible to travel on as it has developed gaping potholes. Many tourists were also amongst those stranded with some even missing their flights. An ambulance van heading towards Goa Medical College (GMC) and Hospital at Bambolim also got stuck in the traffic jam.

The ongoing construction work of 13-kilomtre new Zuari Bridge and parallel roads are being blamed for the bad state of the road.

The traffic police personnel were regulating traffic under the supervision of Vasco traffic cell PI Roy Pereira at various spots including near Thana, Cortalim junction, Maruti temple near the Zuari bridge and also towards the Agassaim side but they were of little relief as motorists tried to form multiple lanes to overtake.

Traffic jams are very common along the stretch as work of the new Zuari Bridge has picked up speed. On Agassaim side, queues of vehicles were formed from near the Agassaim police station till up to the Goa Velha bypass. Several potholes have developed on the road towards the Agassaim side also.

Commuters have time and again raised concern over the traffic jams with office goers and school children reaching their destinations late. They have urged the state government to come out with a solution to avoid such massive traffic jam during the peak hours on either side of the bridge.

Superintendent of Police (traffic) Dinraj Govekar taking cognizance of the traffic jam along with deputy superintendent of police (traffic) Dharmesh Angle, Vasco traffic cell PI Pereira and superintendent of engineer PWD (national highway) Vijay Kumar Verenkar inspected the affected stretches of the road where potholes are developed towards the Agassaim side.

Govekar claimed that the potholes are the main cause of traffic jam on the either sides of the Zuari bridge. “Potholes which have developed towards Agassaim bypass have been a major cause of concern for the vehicular riders. The traffic slows down while negotiating the potholes,” he stated. He also disclosed that there is a need of providing alternate road to cope with the large-scale movement of vehicles.

He however said that the superintendent of engineer PWD (national highway) Verenkar has been urged to install pavers at the affected portion of the road towards Agassaim. “The superintendent of engineer PWD has assured to patch up the potholes and also to asphalt or tar the road when there is a dry spell and when the traffic movement is minimal,” said Govekar.