A Mumbaikar’s perspective of Goa on reel


The camera is set to roll for the Konkani film ‘Kantaar- a song of life’. The cast of the film – Jackie Shroff, Noel Sean and Ester Noronha was down in Goa. NT BUZZ gets you more details about the film


As the Konkani film industry is growing fast with the number of Konkani films being made in Goa on a rise, many filmmakers are now roping in other stars. Mumbai-based director, Nilesh Malkar has not forgotten Goa after his first film ‘Soul Curry’ bagged several state awards at Goa film festival. With his previous inning garnering a good response in the state he is now back with another script – the film ‘Kantaar –a song of life’. Speaking about Kantaar, director Nilesh Malkar says: “The film is based on life. In this film I have tried to show that everyone here is with a reason and purpose and at the end it is always God’s plans. I was probably inspired by Goa and its culture to make a second film here.”

He also says that the good response for his previous film ‘Soul Curry’ has led him to experiment with Konkani films by adding the Bollywood touch. “I wish to make more content-oriented films that have a lot of depth and meaning,” he says.

Since the film is themed on ‘Kantaar’ (song in Konkani), one can find the unique mixture of jazz and blues synonymous with Konkani songs here. Lead actress, Ester Noronha says: “We are experimenting with Konkani songs and are trying to take them to the next level. The younger generation wants something new and that is the reason we have got Lorna, who knows Goa well and also has a jazz background too. One can see and hear her in the film.”

The movie will be shot at some unexplored film location of Goa like the interior villages of Benaulim, Colva and Rachol. Most part of the shooting is likely to take place in South Goa.

For Bollywood actor, Jackie Shroff, ‘Kantaar’ is his second Konkani film. Speaking about his experience he says: “I love Goa and I think everyone loves Goa. Moreover, my daughter loves Goa and that is reason for me to be here frequently. This is my second film and I hope I do justice to Goan language and culture. This place is fantastic.”

He also mentions that people of Goa have been showering him with a lot of love and support. “I love coming here because of the positive response I have been getting in Goa. Every time I come to Goa at the airport the crowd that comes to welcome and they ask ‘Sir Photo?’ this shows how much people love me here.”

Noel Sean who was seen alongside Ester in Konkani version of Despacito cover is one of the lead actors for the film. Excited, he says: “I am very excited for my second film with Ester. Hope the Goan audience loves the film.”

Various tiatr artistes like Comedian Sally, Luis Bachan, Domnic, Velrose Pereira and many upcoming Goan artistes are likely to be seen in the film.

Ester Noronha adds that Goan people have loved and always appreciate her work. May it be her latest trending cover for Despacito in Konkani or her three songs in ‘Goem, Goenkar, Goenkarponn’ or the one song in Nachom-ia Kumpasar people have always loved her work. “For me it is just one task but with the love of people it has multiplied. With the support of people I have become who I am today and this film is more of giving back to the people.”

The shooting of the film will start in early August. The release date is yet to be announced.