Now, walk through mangroves in Panaji





The first phase of the ambitious project envisaged through the development of a walkway along the mangroves on the central library side of the Rua de Ourem Creek, under the Smart City Mission, was inaugurated on Monday.

This walkway is expected to be the touristic highlight of Panaji, with an informed tour offered along a green patch consisting of mangroves.

“This area is blessed by nature and I am told that there are 14 species of mangroves here which is unique,” said Urban Development Minister Francis D’Souza after inaugurating the walkway on the occasion of the third anniversary of the Smart City Mission.

He said that by visiting the place, people will come close to nature and learn about the importance of mangroves in the environment.

The walkway has been made entirely of wood. The foundation is built using water-resistant Jamba wooden piles. For the decking pattern, wood plastic composite is used and the floor of the boardwalk is a composite material, which is used for marinas.

Director of the Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Ltd Sidharth Kunkalienkar said that the first phase of the project has been completed at an estimated cost of Rs 2.27 crore and added that the construction for the second phase of the project will begin soon.

“We will extend the walkway up to the Rua de Ourem bridge and if possible, beyond that, as the creek is lined with lush green mangrove trees, with a marshy land located adjacent to this water body. The total area of the walkway would be 1.5 kilometres,” he said.