Vehicle population rises by 130% in Goa





The number of vehicle population has increased by 130 per cent in the last 10 years in the state, putting tremendous pressure on the existing infrastructure.

The latest figures of the transport department have said that as against 6, 23,229 public and private vehicles registered in 2007-08, the number of vehicles has surged to 14, 35,278 as on May 2018.

A senior official in the department said the growth rate in the vehicle population has jumped in the last ten years:  the decadal growth has seen more than 8 per cent increase in vehicles every year.

“With the rising purchasing power, everybody wants to own a vehicle. This present growth rate in vehicle ownership may lead to a vehicle implosion in the next few months, wherein every Goan will own a vehicle,” he said.

Last year, till May 31 the vehicle population had stood 12, 50,969, which grew by 15 per cent. And a total of 1, 84,309 registrations were recorded for the same period till May this year.

The figures also say that nearly 70 per cent of the vehicles in the state are two-wheelers – 9, 89,917 – and which include the 30,549 bikes given on rent.

On the other hand, 64,178 private cars and jeeps have been added to the total vehicle population between May 2016 and May 2018.

The other vehicles account for the remaining 30 per cent of the population.

Similarly, the number of big buses and minibuses has gone up from 11,488 in May 2016 to 12,562 in May 2018.

The number of tourist taxis has risen five times in the last ten years. The number of taxis in 2007 was 962, which went up to 1,205 in 2011. It stood

at 1,386 in 2012-13 and now there are 4,549 taxis.

However, the number of the total registered taxis as on May 2016 was 18,409, which rose to 22,958 in May 2018.

As per the statistics, in May 2016, the RTO saw 126 new registrations of autorickshaws, while during the same period in 2018, their number   of new autorickshaws increased to 153.

There has also been addition of 5848 goods vehicles during the same period, while the number of the registered government vehicles increased from 4868 to 5056 in the last one year.

The rising number of vehicles is putting pressure   on roads, which have been waiting to be widened. Moreover the roads are usually encroached upon giving a harrowing time to road users.

Experts in the transport sector have strongly called for upgradation of public transport infrastructure.

New rules should be brought in to make the use of private vehicles expensive, they
have said.