Let your passion guide your way


Keri based Priya Dalvi, a GEC, Farmagudi graduate who is currently working with a software company in Pune launched her first book ‘What about Passion?’ a non-fiction book featuring stories of 12 young engineers who took up creative/non-engineering careers. Eleven of these stories are about graduates of GEC. NT KURIOCITY finds out more


With the aim of inspiring youngsters to take up a career of their choice rather than becoming victims of something they don’t like, Priya Dalvi a graduate from Goa Engineering College (GEC), Farmagudi who is currently working at a software company in Pune has written a book ‘What about Passion?’ The book features stories of 12 young engineers who took up creative/non-engineering careers.

Priya harboured the passion for writing since childhood. Over the recent years, she began blogging and eventually got the idea of this book that has real life accounts of 12 young people who took courage to turn their passion into their careers. The book offers practical solutions to challenges like – how to convince parents to take up off-beat careers, how to confront failures etc. There’s a dedicated section that gives the reader a strong, practical message. The book is not just intended for engineers but all youth.

Priya says that there may be challenges with respect to family, society who would criticise children who go into a particular stream; regardless of that one should stick with their dreams and chase them because ultimately, the crux of life is to live it the way you have imagined it to be.

About how she got in touch with these 12 engineers, Priya says finding such stories was indeed difficult: “The first person I found was at my school’s alumni meet in 2016. He was a computer engineer turned musician. Listening to his story of quitting his software job and pursuing music full time, I was inspired.” Since, then she thought maybe she should meet more and collect such stories. Every month she set a target to find at least one such engineer. She would find people on social media, or approach people, ask around, etc.

Priya feels that they are not success stories but stories towards success, as these protagonists are still wading through their ways to success. “Why they are special is because they have the courage to take careers of their choice, in which many of us fail,” she says.

It took her a year and half to find all 12 and simultaneously write their stories, find a publisher, proofread and finally launch the book. While she was writing, she was also working with a software company, so managing time and balancing the two was challenging.

Another reason of her writing the book was to emphasise the fact that any technical degree (here it’s engineering) will help an individual to pursue his passion. She says: “Students nowadays want to follow their passion, but they fail to understand just being passionate is not enough. Education is important too. So through this book, I’m emphasising the facts that without planning never drop out of the college or leave your jobs to pursue your passion. One has to plan, educate himself first, and then take the step.”

The selected youth from Goa whose stories are presented in the book include Anish Sood, an international DJ and producer; Shikha Pandey, Indian women cricketer; Aditya Jambhale, a national awardee filmmaker; and Raghuvir Mahale Purhohit, founder of Yuva, a national awardee non-profit organization(Panaji), as well as engineers who are paving their way like Chaitanya Malik (farmer), Jyoti Pandey (fashion designing) Sameetha Dessai (events/ digital marketing), Anuj Prabhu (actor), Radhika Redkar (paper craft artist/ gallery owner), Akshay Parvatkar (pursuing film screenplay writing in Film and Television Institute of India), Ashwini Krishna (owns a social enterprise).