Emergency team of 108 ambulance feted


Team B&C/ NT

The GVK EMRI 108 emergency ambulance service felicitated its emergency medical technicians (EMT) on the occasion of EMT Day. In recognition of their valued services the 108 ambulance service organises EMT day on April 2 every year. Speaking on the occasion, the state head of the service, Purti Paatkar congratulated the EMT employees and said that they are most important part of the teams of 108 ambulance and emergency response centre as they provide emergency services 24x 7. She said that the EMTs provide emergency first aid to the victim or patient and transport them to the nearest health centre.  Some of the EMTs shared their experiences on the occasion. A total of 19200 EMTs are working in the 108 ambulance service in India while in Goa the 108 ambulance the service has 86 EMTs.

The EMT Day celebrations and the 108 Savior Awards were at GMC, Bambolim. The 108 Savior Awards is a monthly award program held with the objective of recognizing and rewarding the efforts and initiatives taken by the emergency response centre team and the 108 ambulance teams in the line of duty with the objective of saving lives. It is also a platform where responsiveness and quality of call handling, case handling and pre-hospital care provided respectively by the emergency response officers (EROs), EMTs and Pilots (ambulance drivers) are recognized and encouraged.

Gajesh Lamgaokar, HR manager, GVK EMRI 108, explained the importance of EMT Day. He said that, EMTs are working under pressure within the golden hour and getting good results in terms of saving lives everyday .He appealed the community at large to be thankful to the ambulance staff for their selfless service towards the mankind. He thanked all the staff for doing excellent work on the field. Awards to the EMTs and pilots were distributed by  Lamgaonkar, Suraj Naik and Prathistha Mudras, GVK EMRI.