Brain-dead patient whose organs were retrieved was diabetic




Highly placed medical sources on Friday said that the brain-dead patient from whom organs were retrieved at the Dona Paula-based Manipal Hospital was a diabetic patient.

The retrieved organs including liver and kidneys and the cornea were flown to Mumbai on April 9 by a chartered flight to be transplanted to needy patients.

The sources said that in this particular case, a young Goan patient was on the list in Mumbai-based Sion Hospital and had received a call to be ready to go to Mumbai for transplant but the doctor treating him rejected the kidney after learning that the retrieved kidney was from a diabetic brain-dead patient.

“An old patient is always ready to compromise and take the risk of accepting kidney from a diabetic patient which may give him additional lifespan of some years but that kidney to a young patient will not give long lifespan that he/she would desire,” the sources said adding that at times even young patients and their doctors jointly take a chance in accepting kidney from a diabetic patient.

“There are a lot of aspects that are taken into consideration while selecting the patients for transplant. The medical history of both, the patient from whom organs are retrieved and the patient to whom the organ is going to be transplanted are examined and then a final decision on transplant is taken,” the source said.

The source also said that on April 9, when the chartered flight with the retrieved organs landed at the Mumbai airport, the liver was taken to Global Hospitals and one kidney each was dispatched to Jaslok Hospital and Bombay Hospital.

When this reporter contacted secretary of the Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre (Mumbai) Dr Surendrakumar Mathur over the phone, he claimed that all the organs were transplanted but refused to provide details of the hospitals where the organs were taken and the names of the beneficiaries. “Every organ brought here (Mumbai) was used. However, we cannot disclose other details, as it is confidential,” he said.