An attempt to shine light on dragonflies of Goa


The Foundation for Environment Research and Conservation with support from The Green Foundation, Pune and Voluntary Health Association of Goa will organise Bhirmut: Dragonfly Photography Competition with the aim of encouraging people to document the presence of dragonflies in our state and generate data for the same


Odonates or dragonflies in common parlance are known as excellent indicators of the health of the ecosystem they live in. Studies have proven that dragonflies are sensitive to changes that happen in a particular landscape. With the aim of bringing the dragonfly, a beautiful yet unexplored creature to public attention, and more importantly to raise awareness about their role in the ecosystem, Bhirmut: Dragonfly Photography Competition will be organised. The competition is organised by the Foundation for Environment Research and Conservation with support from The Green Foundation, Pune and Voluntary Health Association of Goa.

The main objective of the photography contest is sensitisation, awareness and conservation of dragonflies and their habitat. Thus certain rules have been laid down including that participants should not disturb the dragonflies and their habitat while clicking the pictures. The dragonflies should not be trapped or restrained in any manner. If the insect appears to be stressed, the judges will drastically reduce the score or disqualify the photographs. The participants can note that for the purpose of this competition, the word ‘dragonfly’ denotes both dragonflies (Anisoptera) and damselflies (Zygoptera).

The rules and regulations for the competitions are as follows – the photographs must necessarily be taken in Goa and must be in its entirety, a single work of original material taken by the contest entrant. Each participant may submit a maximum of two entries and must be captioned. The EXIF information for the image must be intact to prove the date taken. Images must be submitted with no borders and no watermarks. All submitted images must be minimum 1024 pixel on the long side. The images are to be mailed on [email protected] The file name has to be in the following format: Anup Naik_Green Marsh Hawk. The participant must take effort to find the common English name of the species and include it in the caption. A print in 8×12 inch has to be submitted to the Mineral Foundation of Goa, PO Box 113, Vaglo Bldg, Panaji on or before February 28, 2018 during working hours. The details of the photographer (Name, contact number and email id), location, date, time and caption is to be written on the back of the print. Optimisation of images or colour correction, colour contrast, brightness is acceptable, as is cropping but digital manipulation that distorts the reality of the images will not be allowed. The entries are non-returnable and participants retain the copyright of the photographs submitted. However, the entries may be used or reproduced by the organisers for promotional and educational purposes in future and photo credits will be acknowledged.

A panel of photographers and subject experts will evaluate all eligible entries based on the judging criteria including interesting behaviour, photographic quality. The first prize winner will receive cash prize of `10000; second `7,500 and third `5 000 respectively.

(Submit entries on or before February 28, 2018. The competition is open to all. For details email: [email protected])