‘Two Fathers’ highlights parenting struggles of Einstein and Gandhi


‘Two Fathers’ that has been rehearsed in Goa and Imaya Shows plans to take it to Mumbai and other metro cities, focuses on the personal lives of two great minds, Albert Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi, and their troubled relationships with their children. The play, while exploring little known details from their lives, is universal and audiences can connect to it with their own emotional lives and relationships


After receiving an appreciation for performances at Goa Arts and Literary Festival and at other places, English play titled, ‘Two Fathers’ by the Goa-based theatre group ‘Imaya’ will be performed on January 26 at Black Box, Kala Academy at 8.30 p.m.

Playwright, Sundar Sarukkai is a professor of philosophy at the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Bangalore. A renowned author, he has published several books including Translating the World: Science and Language; Philosophy of Symmetry; Indian Philosophy and Philosophy of Science and the popular book ‘What is Science?’ He has been instrumental in bringing philosophy to the public through his workshops and is a regular columnist for a national daily writing on movies and other serious trivia.

Director of this play, Srinivas Bhashyam is a high-school drop-out from Bangalore who has worked as a graphic designer, film reviewer, assistant director (with Girish Kasravalli in Karnataka, Kamal Haasan, Singeetam Srinivasa Rao and Mani Ratnam in Tamil Nadu) before writing and directing three feature films including ‘Paisa Vasool’ (co-written with Anurag Kashyap); ‘Love Khichdi’ (co-written with Manu Joseph) in Hindi; and ‘Shanthi! Shanthi! Shanthi!’ (co-written with Pradeep Sebastian and Utkal Mohanty) in Kannada.

Bhashyam says: “Instead of the usual play about and from Western culture, it is exciting for us to do an original English play, specially commissioned and written for us by Sundar Sarukkai. Although our play deals with the lesser known aspects from the personal lives of two historical legends, the emotions it evokes are so universal that after every show of the play people come backstage and speak to us about how it connects with their personal relationships with their own parents or children or both. This satisfies us.”

Producer, Sheeba Shah, plays the daughter of Einstein and director Srinivas plays a character of Gandhi. The two establish their prowess as actors able to depict such a iconic characters. Reggie Goveas and Valentino Diaz deliver powerful performances as Albert Einstein and Gandhi’s son, Harilal respectively.

Sheeba says that although ‘Imaya Shows’ is new, it is one of the pioneering theatre groups in Goa that wants to promote theatre culture in Goa . “Imaya Shows has produced two plays since last year; the first was a comedy and ‘Two Fathers’ which deals with complex emotions in human relationships. It is the story of Albert Einstein and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, both extraordinary men but ordinary fathers,” she says.

She says that the play, ‘Two Fathers’ delves into questioning many emotions that come with parenting and being a human that are relevant more so in these fast pacing times around us when parents increasingly find less and less time to spend time with their children.

(‘Two Fathers’ by Imaya will be performed on January 26 at Black Box, Kala Academy at 8.30 p.m.)